Community Profile

  1. Educational Opportunities

    The area offers great academics in the Ledyard Public School system and has many colleges within a short distance.

  2. Government Processes

    Find out more about the government structure of Ledyard, and see a list of commissions and committees that work to keep this structure running.

  3. Healthcare Facilities & Options

    Know where to go for convenient and suitable healthcare options.

  4. Income Statistics

    Peruse a table of household income brackets and the number of households that fall into each one.

  5. Labor Force Data

    Check out different statistics related to the work force, including commuter statistics and jobs in different industries.

  6. Major Employers

    View statistics about the top employers in Ledyard.

  7. Populations & Projections

    This page houses several tables of different statistics related to the population of Ledyard.

  8. Retail Spending Figures

    Tune in to these tables to find out the average expenditures on several common retail items.

  9. Transportation

    There are several different types of transportation in and around the area.

  10. Utility Options

    Contact the correct companies for utility service.