School Nurses

Quality Care

Each school in Ledyard has a full-time professional School Nurse on-site for the entire school day. They care for your children everyday, providing quality care and expertise while interacting with families in the community.
  • Ledyard High School
    Phone: 860-464-8940
    • Teresa Fields, RN, BSN
    • Lorraine Sheltry, School Health Assistant
  • Ledyard Middle School
    Phone: 860-464-6439
  • Ledyard Center School
    Phone: 860-464-9083
    • Elizabeth Swindell, RN
    • Crystal Kerrigan, School Health Assistant
  • Juliet W. Long
    Phone: 860-464-6929
  • Gales Ferry School
    Phone: 860-464-2458
  • Gallup Hill School
    Phone: 860-536-8029
    • Deneane Bentum, RN, BSN
    • Sandra Vann, School Health Assistant
A nurse sits with 2 children and examines 1 of the children's knee.
Putting on Airs
This is a program funded by the Connecticut Department of Health and the Ledge Light Health District that helps you find out what may be making your asthma worse. With your permission, a nurse and an environmental health specialist, who are trained, will check your home for things that start asthma attacks. Please ask your child's school nurse for more information regarding this program.

Open Airways
Open Airways in an American Lung Association education program that is presented in the schools. Your school nurse has been certified to teach this program. It is for children ages 8-11 who have asthma. If you would like to have your child attend one of these sessions, please contact your school nurse.

Dental Care
United Community and Family Services Mobile Dental Program is an initiative of the Smiles Across Southeastern Connecticut Oral Health Collaborative. This program provides dental hygiene services (dental exams, sealants, cleanings, fluoride treatment and oral hygiene education) to elementary schools using portable dental equipment. A dental caseworker helps coordinate necessary follow-up dental work and assists with completion of HUSKY insurance and UCFS sliding fee applications.