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Ledyard Center
Ledyard Center is located at the crossroads of two state highways: routes 117 and 214. It is home to Ledyard Town Hall and is one of the main commercial areas in the town. Every year in September, the fairgrounds host the popular Ledyard Fair, bringing families to the area for the weekend to enjoy carnival rides, entertainment and agricultural competitions.

Ledyard Town Center Committee
The Ledyard Town Center Committee was formed by a Town Council resolution in January 2006 and charged the committee with developing recommendations for the future development of Ledyard Center.

The committee met throughout 2006 and 2007 to review past plans for Ledyard Center, to frame a vision for the future of Ledyard Center, to work with a team from the University of Connecticut meeting with interested residents and organizations to develop and discuss conceptual plans, to meet with interested developers, and finally, to frame the committees recommendations for moving forward with a plan.

Member Responsibility
The LTCC is composed of nine members appointed by the Ledyard Town Council. Its members are representative of various Ledyard land-use commissions, two Town Council members and two members-at-large. The Town Council charged the committee with the following responsibility, authorizing it as follows:
  • To develop recommendations for the future development and or redevelopment of Ledyard Center;
  • To review previous sketches, photographs, and possible design scenarios of
  • Ledyard Center, and prepare a conceptual design recommended for the future of Ledyard Center;
  • To identify possible funding methods for Ledyard Center improvements;
  • To recommend capital projects necessary to implement the formal development or redevelopment of Ledyard Center.
  • The LTCC reviewed past plans (1965 and 1984) and studies regarding Ledyard Center, observing that those studies advocated development of a town green, considering development along the lines of a traditional New England setting important.

Members LTCC

Lou Gabordi, Liaision (860) 536-4337
Kevin Dombrowski (860) 383-6463
Jeffrey Beacham, Chairman (860) 433-8296
Robert Gunnels, Vice Chairman (860) 572-0205
Larry Helfrich (860) 572-2093
Stephanie Calhoun (860) 381-0760
Ed Lynch (860) 245-3666
Shane Skinner (401) 575-2276

The Committee worked with the University of Connecticut School Of Landscape

Architecture’s professor John Alexopoulos to assess Ledyard Center’s potential, and in the process compiled a list of pros and cons regarding the attractiveness of Ledyard Center for development.

In September 2007, the LTCC presented the findings of its study to Town Council. The Committee's final report was updated in April of 2008.