Proposed Subdivision Regulation Changes

Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 126 Section 8-25 provides that it is within the powers granted to a municipality’s Planning Commission to establish, change or repeal Subdivision Regulations.

Proposed Regulation Changes
The chart below shows recently proposed regulation changes and includes the following information:
  • The corresponding section number within the subdivision regulations
  • A link to the proposed change
  • The public hearing date
  • Decision
Commenting on a Current Proposal
Anyone interested in commenting on a current proposal must either speak at the scheduled Public Hearing or submit comments in writing prior to the public hearing date.

Public Hearing Schedule

Section Description Public Hearing Date
8.8 Parcel History Map (PDF)
May 1, 2008
1.3 Authority (PDF)
December 6, 2007
4.3.1 Lots: Frontage (PDF)
December 6, 2007
4.3.2 Lots: Shape (PDF)
December 6, 2007
Approved with Changes (PDF) Conservation Subdivision (PDF)
December 6, 2007
5.6 Sidewalks (PDF)
June 7, 2007