Gypsy Moth Resource Page

Upcoming events:

March 9 - An informational session on aerial spraying of gypsy moths is scheduled for 7:30 pm at the Ledyard Senior Center, 12 Van Tassel Drive in Gales Ferry.

March 28 - An informational session on ground spraying of gypsy moths with Bartlett Tree Experts is scheduled at 6:30 pm at the Bill Library, 718 Colonel Ledyard Hwy,in Ledyard.
  • Town --Wide Aerial Spraying Against Gypsy Moth, Spring 2017

 Informational Public Forum  (Powerpoint) Presentation by Gypsy Moth Ad Hoc Committee 3/2/2017

    What if I Want Ground Spraying?

                  Gypsy Moth Spraying
                                              Other companies may be available for ground spraying of gypsy moths.

  •   Gypsy Moth Fact Sheet

                    CT Agricultural Experiment Station 

    For additional information contact Lorraine Healy